MBA 101: Eligibility, Specialisations, and Benefits

What is an MBA?
An MBA is a masters degree in the field of management. This course is designed to impart a solid foundation in business concepts through theoretical and practical learning opportunities, builds hard skills in areas of leadership and management, and opens up avenues for global growth.
MBA courses are of many types and formats. With so many formats choosing the best one for you can get tricky. However if you follow a structured and clear approach to understand which options are suitable for you, it makes the process that much smoother.

Am I eligible?
If you are a graduate or your final year of graduation you can apply for an MBA. Different institutes have different criteria for selection.

Types and Specialisations
The most common types of MBA courses are as follows: Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Part time MBA, Correspondence Course, Distance MBA Courses, Online MBA courses. All these formats have their own pros and cons. Although there is no single best format, the full-time MBA is regarded to be the most rewarding.
The average duration of full-time MBA programs can range between 1 to 2 years.
Symbiosis International (Deemed University) one of the top B-schools in India best institutes for management studies in India offers multiple specialisations in their MBA programmes: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Information Technology, Computer Applications, Business Analytics, Infrastructure Management, International Business, Agri-Business, Energy and Environment, Telecom Management, Communication Management, Operations Management, Information Technology Business Management, Data Sciences and Data Analytics, Hospital & Healthcare Management, Banking and Finance, and Sports Management are fields you can choose from to pursue management studies in.


If you get admission to any of the the top B Schools in India such as any of the Symbiosis Pune management colleges you will enjoy holistic learning environment, enriched learning through a variety of teaching tools such as lectures, case studies, projects, games and outdoor sessions, have the chance to interact with leading industry professionals, and organise and participate in interactive seminars and guest lectures.
Apart from the leadership and management skills you will acquire from an MBA, you can also expect increased levels of self-confidence, self-discipline, strategic thinking abilities, better time management and a broader worldview.
Symbiosis conducts their own entrance exam for MBA called SNAP. SNAP happens on the 16th of December, 2018. It is a computer-based test based on which you can apply to any of the 15 management schools under Symbiosis University. Find out all you need to know about SNAP at

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