Getting an MBA Degree After B.Sc

If you have a graduate degree in B.Sc, you might wonder if you are suited for an MBA. It’s important that you understand the top business schools in India offer various niche MBA programs. You can find an appropriate MBA degree based on your area of study during B.Sc. Here are a few examples of the kinds of MBA degrees you can pursue after your B.Sc.

BSc. Statistics

If you have a degree in B.Sc Statistics, you could choose to do an MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics. Big Data is the future! Data Analytics, which is the process of decoding bulky data to gain valuable insights from it. The data analytics industry is booming with more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon. Organizations are looking for professionals who can predict customer behaviour, interpret the available data, increase business productivity and improve decision making with the help of data analysis.

An MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics teaches students a unique blend of strategic insights and real-time operational know how. A niche degree like this one will help you learn analytical competencies and how to use prevalent tools of this industry.

The different roles you can explore with this degree are:

· Data Analyst

· Data Warehousing Expert

· Business Intelligence Expert

· Data Mining Expert

· Data Analyst SAS Programmer

· Business Analyst Project Manager

B.Sc Environmental Science

If you have a degree in B.Sc Environmental Science, you can apply for an MBA in Energy and Environment. Energy is an essential resource that is the backbone of every economic activity. Unfortunately, years of excess energy utilization has made managing the energy sector with environmental balance extremely complex.

An MBA in energy and environment will develop you into a professional who can be an asset to organizations that are focused on improving resource management, energy security and various other environmental issues. This 2-year full-time residential programme teaches students in a global context and addresses current needs of the energy industry. As a professional you will be a crucial link between technology, business and sustainable development.

The different job roles that are available are:

B. Sc Botany

If you have a degree in B.Sc Botany, you could choose an MBA in Agri-Business. Like any other MBA programme, the Agri-Business programme is a two-year long programme that focuses on business aspects of agriculture and international trade. This postgraduate degree strives to train students to become leaders and entrepreneurs in food, agriculture and other associated sectors. Students are taught to effectively handle various economic and managerial tasks across the agriculture sector. They learn how to make appropriate business decisions and minimize risks.

Over the past years, there have been various government and private sector initiatives to turn agriculture into a business activity. This has created a demand for effective and capable professionals to manage agribusiness. Students with a degree in agribusiness will be involved in agriculture areas such as production, finances, sales and land management. Furthermore, agribusiness students can seek employment in industries like farming, retail marketing, food processing, and food production.

The different job roles available are:

· Agribusiness Office Assistant

· Agribusiness Food Manager

· Agribusiness Marketing Coordinator

· Farm appraiser

· Agricultural Analyst

· Market Analyst

With such MBA degrees, you can directly jump to leadership positions in the area you are most passionate about. One of the many B-Schools that provide niche MBA programmes falls under the umbrella of Symbiosis University. If you want to enroll into one of these B-Schools make sure to appear for the SNAP exam.

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