MBA Trends 2019

It is MBA entrance exam season yet again. The demand for MBAs continues to rise along with the expansion of the job market for MBA graduates. 2018 saw a 13% increase in global MBA hiring according to a trusted report and triple the number of positions available now MBA graduates.

This job growth trajectory looks promising in 2019 and could even stabilise to a high.

1. Leader of digital change
Digitization, artificial intelligence and robotization have taken over. MBA professionals will be trained to have a firm finger on the thriving pulse of this change.
An MBA graduate will not be a technology specialist, but the corporate education he/she has will enable them to develop a general grasp of the new trends of the digital economy, making them leaders at the forefront of change.

2. Moving forward with diversity
An increase in the number of women pursuing MBA degrees has occurred in the recent few years.This is a welcome change which is also reflected in improved performances in organisations where women are leading alongside men.

3. Flip the classroom
Educational technology has taken a huge place in the way MBA education is being delivered. Many learning resources can be made available online including course materials, seminars, projects and tasks. Gamification is also playing a more prominent part in education. Students can engage with business simulations, where each student plays a role in running a company for example, making learning increasingly interactive, but also more effective.

Ultimately this is a positive move that is allowing students to become actors rather than passive learners.

4. Emphasis on soft skills remains
Training in soft skills, such as negotiation, leadership, teamwork and problem solving remains a top priority for business schools. With the current generation of MBAs being highly tech savvy, soft skills remain relevant because the power of decision making ultimately lies with a human, whether an individual or a group.

We hope you take the aforementioned points under advisement if you are considering taking any of the upcoming MBA entrance exams in India, the possibilities for what this degree allows you to do is ever-increasing.

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