Four Reasons Why Doing An MBA Is A Good Idea

Today, everyone – from recent graduates to professionals with years of experience- want to do an MBA. Most MBA candidates already know that there is a lot of hard work involved if they want to crack one of the many MBA entrance exams. However, many candidates do not know how an MBA degree can help them.

Career Progression

Typically, a young professional starts his/her career with an executive role. After a lot of hard and smart work, you get promoted and reach a decent mid-level management position. However, after this point, your career growth slows down and you start to feel stagnated. This is because, in today’s competitive world, everyone has the same qualifications and qualities. What can you do to stand out? The answer is getting an MBA degree from a premier business school. An MBA degree from a good business school in India can help you move from a mid-level management position to a senior level position.

Career Shift

Long gone are the days when professionals had minimal industries to choose from for their career. With so many upcoming and growing industries, it is only natural you may want to shift from your current industry to a new one. However, after a few years of experience in one industry, it can be difficult to move to another one. This is where an MBA degree can be helpful. For instance, if you have been working in the IT sector for 5 years but want to shift to marketing, an MBA in marketing can help you transition into a new industry without compromising on your remuneration.


A lot of people assume that networking is simply about meeting new people and creating new contacts. However, that’s not the only aspect of networking. When it comes to a business school, networking means that you will carry the same tag as hundreds of other alumni. Networking doesn’t take place only amongst classmates. For instance, if you are a Symbiosis University alumnus and receive an interview call from another Symbiosis alumnus you will immediately bond with them. You will be recognized as a group of high achievers. This will help you meet smart high ranking professionals and also help you climb up the corporate ladder faster.

Self – Growth

Top business schools in India teach you more than just the fundamentals of business management, they give you the confidence to be someone who can make a difference in their industry. Business schools push students to think strategically so that you can solve business issues effectively. The classroom experience and industry exposure play a huge role in changing your perspective both personally and professionally.

To sum it all up, it’s extremely important that you choose to do an MBA from a reputed business school if you want to reap all the benefits that an MBA offers. Some of the top business schools in India are under the umbrella of Symbiosis University. Head over to to learn all the important information you need on the SNAP exam 2018. SNAP is the gateway to enrol into one of the 15 business schools in Symbiosis International (Deemed University).

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