Is 2019-2021 a Great Time to Get an MBA?

The business world today is anything but predictable. Technological innovation and the developing economy make business today volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (SIU) is a reputed educational institute that is cognizant of these changes and offers MBA programmes that address these challenges.

Let us explore the unique features that an MBA from Symbiosis includes to create future business leaders1.

1. Increased focus on soft skills

Automation and innovation are transforming the workforce. This is leading to the creation of new jobs. Reshaping business education becomes imperative at such a time. Business schools can no longer rest at preparing students for jobs in the current industry but must train them for jobs in the future. This can be achieved with an experienced faculty and experts from different industries, who provide valuable insights into current trends and the future of business.
A strong way to do so is to focus on building soft skills. Effective soft skills are what differentiate businesses and allow them to build a powerful human connection.

2. Technology in the classroom

Technology is disrupting both the business world and the world of business education. Automating the time faculty spend correcting and giving feedback on students’ work will enable a closer interaction with students.

Flipped classrooms are one way of practising this. This enables students to come to class to be coached and mentored and meaningfully engage in class discussions.

3. Specialized studies to become the norm

Specialized MBA degrees are growing in number and diversity. From entrepreneurship to sports management, Symbiosis Pune is leading the way.
Keeping with the changing needs and requirements of companies they have designed specialized management programmes in innovation, infrastructure development, data science, agri-business, energy and environment, and many such exciting, upcoming fields.

SNAP is the MBA entrance exam for admission to Symbiosis. It will be held in December 2019. The test spans over two hours and is of an objective format. Registrations for SNAP are open from August to November 2019. Make sure you register before applications close. Visit for important information on SNAP.

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