Succeed In A Niche Industry with a Niche MBA Degree

The market is filled with MBA graduates this has led to a decline in the quality of employment opportunities that most MBA graduates are presented with. 40% of MBA graduates are employed with salaries ranging from 3 – 5 lakhs per annum. To solve this problem, many top business schools in India and abroad have started providing niche MBA programmes. These programmes focus on teaching students the fundamentals of business along with providing extensive knowledge that help students gain mastery over a particular business sector. Some of these niche MBA programmes are:

MBA in Information Technology Business Management (ITBM)

This two-year full-time residential programme aims to teach students the intricacies of how business and technology work together. It’s not new to witness companies integrating technology into their everyday business operations. An MBA in Information Technology Business Management equips students with the right knowledge so they can easily put it to use when integrating technology with business models.

The different job roles that are available are:

· Functional Consultancy
· Quality Management
· Business Process Management
· IT Security Consulting
· Identity and Access Management
· Software Architecture
· Project Management
· Network Solution and Design
· Data Centre Management
· Big Data Analysis
· Social Network and Sentiment Analysis, and lot more.

MBA in Infrastructure Management

This is yet another two-year full-time residential MBA programme that focuses on imparting knowledge that is required in the constantly expanding infrastructure sector. The arrival of technology in infrastructure has made the sector innovative in nature. This MBA programme focuses on teaching students management skills in such a dynamic industry. The programme imparts all the technical and soft skills that students will require to effectively and strategically manage the finance, marketing, operations and other aspects of the infrastructure industry.

The different job roles that are available are:

· Infrastructure Manager
· Infrastructure Team Leader
· Infrastructure Engineer, among others.

MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics (DS&DA)

Big data is slowly taking over every industry. This boom in utilizing big data has created a demand for effective and competent data analysts and data scientists. An MBA in Data Science and Data Analytics aims to impart the kind of information and skills that students need to process big data. They are also taught how they use data to predict consumer behaviour and increase business turnovers.

The different job roles that are available are:

· Business analyst
· Business Strategist
· Data analyst
· Project manager
· Data mining specialist
· Data warehousing specialist

If you are someone looking to break into a niche industry; doing a niche MBA programme is the best choice you can make. SNAP is the gateway that will allow you to enrol in the various niche MBA programmes that are offered by Symbiosis University. Head over to to find out more about the SNAP Exam 2019. Best of luck!

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