Prepare For An MBA Entrance Exam In 2 Months

So you only have two months to prepare for an entrance exam for MBA. 60 days from now, you will be sitting in a classroom and taking the test. How, then, do you go about preparing for the entrance test? Then it’s very important to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Only when you know this will you be able to create the right strategic plan for your study time. Here are a few steps to get you started on your MBA entrance exam preparations:  

Step 1:  Take A Free Mock Test

Find a realistic, full-length practice test to understand where your knowledge of quantitative, verbal and logical reasoning stands. A mock test will help you not only understand your strengths and weaknesses, it will also help you understand the types of questions you did well on and which ones you had trouble answering. You can use this information to design an effective study plan.

Taking a mock test will also help you familiarize yourself with a test’s format and timing. This will help you understand exactly how you can utilize the knowledge you have and the time allotted to you to ace your tests. For instance, the SNAP exam 2019, has 130 questions that you need to answer within 120 minutes. A mock test will teach you how you can utilize the 120 minutes to ace the test.

Another thing you must remember is to take the practice test under similar conditions that you will face on the test day. If you are taking a mock test for SNAP make sure you schedule 2 hours for the test and another hour to review the test later that day or the next.

Step 2: Set Your Study Schedule

Don’t fall into the trap of procrastination. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you will find multiple things you need to get done immediately and you may have a hard time to schedule any study time for you CAT, SNAP, or any other aptitude test for MBA. However, if you procrastinate, you won’t realise how fast the days will pass you by and you will be weeks away from the test.

If you study every day of the week, you will score better than you will if you study only once or twice a week. You could choose to study for a total of an hour and a half in three half-hour segments for 5 days every week and you will still be far ahead than those that chose to study only on the weekends.

During your study schedule, block out time to take at least 4 more mock tests. Take a practice test every 15 days, and one before the test day. Measure your progress and tweak your study plan to improve upon areas that you didn’t perform well in.

Step 3: Prepare Your Study Plan

The best way to approach any entrance test is to use the right books and online resources. There are many books in the market that will teach you the various tricks you can use to solve certain questions.

While creating your study plan focus mostly on areas that you find difficult and the type of questions that are often asked. For instance, in the quantitative section, if you struggle with permutations, then spend more time studying that rather than the topics you find easy.

However, don’t forget to improve upon your strengths. For instance, if your verbal skills are strong, then spend one day a week working on questions from that section.  

If you are nervous about preparing for an MBA entrance exam in 2 months then don’t be. If you plan right and practice hard, you will easily be able to crack any entrance test.

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