Things to Remember while choosing your MBA college

If you are straight out of graduation and wondering whether or not to pursue an MBA, this is the article for you. Deciding to get an MBA is a mind-boggling decision; but it doesn’t end there. Finding the perfect management school for you is yet another mountain to climb before you arrive at Mt. MBA.

So how do you choose the right MBA college for you, given the many factors to be considered in making the right choice?

1 Think about why you want to pursue an MBA
So you’ve finally decided you want to do an MBA. The fundamental question to think about here is why you want this degree. Is it to advance your career, add to your academic qualifications, or make a career shift?
Once you have answers to these, you’ll want to get an idea of everything you need to apply to your desired college.

2. Get clarity on your career goals
Before you get caught up in the whirlwind of shortlisting and applying to MBA colleges, make sure the colleges you are applying to will help you get closer to fulfilling your career goals. The culture and environment of the B-school you choose are crucial here. They shape your soft skills and networking abilities which are vital to a successful career.

3. Find the right stream
Identify your strengths, introspect about whether you want to be an entrepreneur or would like to work for a huge corporate.
Once you are aware of your skills, set your focus on choosing the right MBA specialization in your second year. This will give you the core strength to understand where your interests lie and how can you mould yourself to be an asset to big companies.

4. Choose your programme type
If you are looking to progress from your present career situation, then a full-time MBA is the ideal choice. You have the chance to improve various skills such as team building, communication, deep learning during this time.
Part time MBAs are suited for professionals who want to continue working while building a strong foundation for a complete career leap in the future.

5.  Evaluate Return on Investment and Rankings
ROI is indeed a strong parameter for you to decide whether or not you want to enrol with a given management school. Most reputed colleges will ensure that their students have access to placement opportunities that help them secure a package to do justice to the investment in their MBA. Good MBA schools also give guidance to students through mentoring and counselling them on the career options available to them. Another important measure is a high academic ranking, which indicates employability at good firms. It also reflects academic strength and availability of resources at an educational institute. Compatibility between a student and an institution can also be determined by using college ranking as a tool.

A good MBA course equips you with soft skills and social skills required to be a good leader, along with the technical knowledge of subjects of your specialization. A number of high calibre management institutes affiliated with Symbiosis International (Deemed University) fit these criteria. You can choose to study from 15 different specializations through one single MBA entrance exam- SNAP. SNAP 2018 will be conducted on the 16th of December this year. Visit for all test related details.

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