Niche MBA Programmes – The Solution To A Lucrative Tomorrow

Today, MBA graduates are starting to get lost in the masses. 40% of MBA graduates only bag jobs between 3 – 5 lakhs per annum, says a recent Crisil Research report. It’s no surprise that individuals are reconsidering their desire to an MBA.


Furthermore, various niche markets are also rising; increasing a demand for qualified professional in that particular field. These new and rising industries are looking for more than just an individual with a traditional MBA.  To supply for these rising demands, many top business schools in India have started offering niche MBA programmes. These specialized MBA programmes have been gaining popularity over the past few decades.


What Is A Specialized MBA Programme?


A specialized or niche MBA programme covers the same topics that a traditional MBA programme covers. However, a niche MBA programme puts heavy emphasis on teaching the soft skills and technical skills required to succeed in one particular field. For instance, the telecommunication sector is rapidly growing in India; making an MBA in Telecom Management the perfect fit for those looking to break into this industry.


There are various other industries that are booming in India such as agribusiness, retail, hospital management etc. This has pushed top MBA colleges to design and offer programmes that confer all the required knowledge needed to succeed in these fields of business.


Some of the popular niche MBA programmes offered by top business schools in India are Information Technology Business Management, Media and Communication, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Agri-Business, Hospital and Healthcare Management, Sports Management, among others.


The major benefit of pursuing a specialized MBA programme is that you will gain mastery over one particular subject compared to those who graduate with a generic MBA degree. If you are a sports enthusiast and want to work in the sports management sector, an MBA in Sports Management will be a lot more helpful than an MBA in Marketing. An MBA in Sports Management will make you more sought-after by potential businesses.


Moreover, a specialized MBA degree also increases your chances of being placed with a high package. The reasoning behind this is simple since you have a more specialized knowledge of a particular field, companies will want to hire you over other graduates.


All in all, if you are looking to break into a niche industry, a niche MBA is the way to go. A number of high-quality management institutes under Symbiosis International (Deemed University) offer various niche MBA programmes that you can choose from based on your career goals. You will need to appear for SNAP Exam 2018 if you plan on enrolling into any of the 15 business schools under Symbiosis University. Head over to for all the important information regarding SNAP.


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