Why Are MBAs In Data Analytics Rising

These days organizations are increasingly able to collect vast volumes of data about their suppliers, processes, and customers. Companies are looking to hire professionals who can extract and interpret this “big data” and reconstruct it into usable models that can help organizations improve their performance.

This newfound ability and need have given rise to the fields of data analytics, data science, and business analytics. Each of these holds their own subtleties that have different approaches to the opportunities presented in big data.

While there are many necessary skills required to build a career in data analytics, the importance of getting an MBA in data analytics and data science from top business schools in India cannot be underestimated. Most organizations looking for data analytics professionals are also looking at reputable educational credentials. Faculties at top B-schools in India help guide students through the intricacies of the various disciplines involved in data analysis. Reputed institutes like Symbiosis University also exposes students to cutting-edge ideas and tools relevant to this field.

An MBA in data analytics also develops a students analytical thinking skills. This is one of the top skills corporations look for when hiring, according to a PwC’s report on the job market.

You can learn data science and analysis on your own but a masters programme with a strong background in business and data analytics will prepare for the various disciplines that top companies seek when hiring for this position.

Burtch Works Executive Recruiting says that, as of 2017, 89% of data scientists with less than three years of work experience had obtained a bachelor degree. The number of data scientists with a masters degree has grown from 48% in 2015 to 64% in 2017.

These numbers clearly illustrate that masters level qualifications are quickly becoming the de-facto norm in the field of data science and data analysis.

With an MBA in data analytics, the organizations that you can work in are:

· Google Inc.,
· IBM Global Services,
· Infosys,
· Sify Corporation,
· Microsoft Research,
· Oracle Direct,
· Wipro,
· Accenture,
· Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.,
· Deloitte, and lot more.

You can choose to pursue an MBA in Data Analytics and Data Science through SNAP. SNAP, is the gateway for enrolling a premier IT B-school that can be your launchpad for a successful career.

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